Hi, I'm Tony. I'm 37 and I live with my fiancée Gemma and our children Raef and Safi.

I like to read, cook curries, attend Crossfit sessions and watch any kind of sport that happens to be on TV. I even run my own fitness bootcamp which I often jump in on to burn off all of the curry I consume. I have always wanted to go on an Indian cuisine cooking course but about a year ago I decided to just teach myself. Youtube videos and books have been my guides. At first I was disappointed with the results but now I am super proud of what I can cook. 

I served in Her Majesty's Royal Marines for 5 years (a long time ago now). During this time I learnt how to play hard and work harder. I was taught the importance of being professional and taking pride in everything I do. I apply these lessons to everything nowadays and especially into my photography business. 

Have a look at my work. We can meet up for a coffee and get to know each other. I'm also happy to Skype or FaceTime. When we've had our initial chat it's up to you whether you decide to book me or not. I simply wait to hear from you. 

No two weddings are the same and yours certainly won’t be, which is why you have spent so much time planning it.

Let me capture it all.