Some of my 5 star reviews 

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Another of my favourites.....

This is a difficult review to write, because, when I tell you all what I really think about Tony, you will assume that he must have written this himself.
Seriously, though. Tony is the absolute man. His pictures of our wedding are absolutely outstanding. He truly captured the mood and beauty of the day, whilst somehow, being almost totally invisible - I still don't know how he managed this. His photography skills are what we booked him for, but he gave us so, so much more than just that. His service, from start to finish, was exemplary. When Lily told me that the photographer we had chosen wanted to meet up with us after work to do an 'engagement shoot' I was fairly sceptical - ''why do we have to meet him, we have already agreed to use him'' I said (typical bloke response), but I couldn't have been more wrong.
Tony travelled down to London (at his own cost) to meet us in St Paul's and from there was where my love affair with this man started. It was chucking it down when he arrived and thankfully he suggested going for a beer to get some shelter. Over a leisurely drink we all started to get to know one other. We explained what we wanted our wedding pictures to look like, while he told us what he thought would look good. He backed everything up by showing us what he had done previously and showed us what he liked shots to look like. Our ideas married up perfectly with his skills so we braved the weather and went out to take some pictures....and what great pictures they were.
If you need any proof then feel free to look at my Instagram page @lw04our We knew already that Tony was a great choice, but seeing the results from this shoot confirmed that we really had chosen a fantastic photographer. What we didn't know however, was how perfect an accompaniment Tony would be to our actual wedding day. Every single one of our guests said how great he was. Each commenting that he was both charming and engaging, yet professional and (seemingly) invisible. He stayed far longer than we paid him for and went far and above the call of duty. At one point before the ceremony he even acted as a go between between Bridal party and Groomsmen. Someone later told me that he was also responsible for tying one of my groomsman’s ties. What a guy.  He didn't do this because he had to, he did it because he wanted to. He did it because he is a great bloke.
For all of the reasons above, and many more I could happily mention, I really couldn't recommend Tony highly enough. If anybody reading this is in any doubt about whether to use his services, then feel free to contact me directly, but I assure you all now, booking Tony to be your photographer will be the best decision you will make.

Lee Waddingham<>